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Baidi Silver Mines Allocation

Share it now!To be fair to everyone, silver mines allocation for the city of Baidi is as follows:     700 mine is on a first-come first-served basis. But please do not hog the 700 mine. For silver mines under

VS a Higher Level Bully (Convoy)


Share it now!Who will win? Click replay here     You just guess and click the link above Share it now!

Country And Legion Management


Share it now!As new server has been launched, the presidents and the legion generals will be busy about fighting the NPC for new cities and farms. Assess your enemies force correctly and place the competent warriors to the right battle

Huayu Event: May (3rd Batch)


Share it now! The third batch of wonderful May Event 1 accumulative log for reward 【Duration】: 2014 May 13th 00:00 -2014 May 19th 23:59:59 (GMT+8) 【Servers】:S1-S80 【how to do it】during the event, players log reach the requirement, will get the reward from system, Please pay

Guide: How to Repress


Share it now!About the new functions:-How to enter: Click “Quest”, then “Daily”. A new tab called “Repress” will appear. Click it to enter. (I think this is a HY bug)-Qualification: Players reaching Lv 40Rules:1) Accept quests to investigate for clues

Share: Full Convoy


Share it now!Convoy is epic full last night after the clock struck 12. Check it out!     Do join us more often for convoy activities! Lim Legion 4eva! Share it now!

Guide: National President


Share it now!There are three countries in Chaos of the Three Kingdoms, and each country has a President. Presidents are appointed through elections. They have privilege to authorize Elite Legions, and to issue national policies. Election: Election consists of four

Standing Orders: 7/5/2014


Share it now!i declare 3 farms for tmrrw lfb pls come n show power i ll be there : 1.RUNAN FARM : SEVEN 777 7777 BOBBY EVESIM evesim GFUNK SIERRA JIMMY99 TIGER OF SHU IKAN ZHANGYUAN ZHENCHAI SOMKIJ,TABOO,IMELDA,MYCUPID DINA 2.YILING

Standing Orders: 5/5/2014


Share it now!Longzhong farm will be given to LIM777 so do not defend on it. We will take Yingchuan farm tonight! -Pegasus777 Share it now!

Guide: Leveling and Exp Needed


Share it now!Ever wonder how much exp is needed to get a hero from level 1 to lvl 54? Want to plan in advance to see if you have enough honors to rush a hero up to a certain level?

Guide: Hero & Attribute List


Share it now!Here’s a list of some of the heros you will encounter and their attributes:   Table Courtesy of c3ks78 of One-Heart Share it now!

Standing Orders: 1/5/2014


Share it now!LFB 1 hanchong will take by: leonora8919, dickyyy, frankie, john, robber, lonelyrat, broto, mycupid123, Bee2, Amber1940, Shalu77. Bee2 and robber take the lead. The others who name are not in the list above join LFB 2 xiangyang  first.

Guide: Develop Your Heroes


Share it now!Develop your heroes   In hero development, you need to really pay attention to these things:Hero Level and Troop Level 2 hero levels will increase 1 troop level. Another way of remembering this is to remember the name

Guide: Development Milestones


Share it now!Development Milestones This is a very long long game and can make us bored easily, so really we need to know these objectives to maintain our excitement as we see what we can expect ahead. Base Level unlocks: Level

Guide: Jades – Precious Stones


Share it now!Jades: Precious Stones Jade is one of the most important sources of power in this game, and just like its name: it is pretty and priceless! 8-Formations Form 1.Wind Wind Jade 0 auto challenge per day Form 2. CloudCloud Jade 1 auto challenge  Form

Guide: Flags – Hidden Power


Share it now!Flags: Hidden Power What flags should we need? For Shu, you will need the following set of Flags, in order of importance and minimum level based on VIP status:   Flags   Attribute Non VIP VIP 5+ VIP8+ Slot 1 Dragon Banner +

Standing Orders: 27/4/2013


Share it now!Here are the latest orders from our leaders regarding tonight’s LFB 27/4/2013 (Sunday). There are 3 farms to conquer so we need to follow instructions to get organized: Longzhong farm: sugar sugar, sweet sweet candy candy tangtang perseus777

News: Endless Fighting Event : 2014 April 23rd 11:00am—2014 April 26th 10:59 (GMT+8)


Share it now!For a guide how to tackle endless fighting event, please click here: Guide to Endless Fighting Event 【Duration】2014 April 23rd11:00—2014 April 26th10:59(GMT+8) 【Servers】S1-S69 S72-S74 S76-S79【Details】During the event,players will get rewards if they accumulatively consume 2/5/10/15/25/40/50/60 Orders.【How to collect

Guides: Levy Question-Answers Results


Share it now!Levy Question and Answers Results Ever wonder what you will get if you had chosen the OTHER answer when answering levy questions? Here’s a little table that might help you: Share it now!

Guide: Endless Fighting Event


Share it now!Endless Fighting Assuming you have full order (20) at 5am. (Do your calculation, 7pm must have 10 or more orders) 5am – next day 4.59am (You will have 23 orders) Free 3 orders 3times daily 9am,12pm,7pm (You will

Guide: CoTK Refresh Timing


Share it now!Refresh Timings and Events Every wonder what’s going to happen at what time on the server? Why do you get +1 orders per hour but sometimes you get more than 1? When does the barrack drafting refresh? Here’s

Welcome to CoTK LimLegion on S79


Share it now!Hi a warm welcome to all of you, this is the official legion site for LimLegion on CoTK on S79. The main purpose of this site is to encourage communication between our members as well keeping our schedules

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